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110. - Aug 7, 2021
My Father, Frank Woodhour and his equal partner, Ned Wilson, owned the William Bal Corp. having purchased it from Mr. Bal. My Father sold his 50% share of the company to Ned Wilson in 1969 because of failing health. Ned Wilson's son, Gregory, succeeded him and ran the company until it closed some years later. I have not been able to make contact with any of the Wilson family, Gregory, Anita or Maryilyn in may years and am hoping that through this site that may

109. - Apr 25, 2021
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108. - Jan 31, 2021
Your information on: Jonathan Fitz Randolph son of Jonathan (1702-1766) and Margaret Manning is not correct. He was born in 1732 and not in Piscataway but more likely Woodbridge (his father was "of Woodbridge" when he died according to his probate record. The Jonathan you have listed here was not the husband of Elizabeth Smalley. That was his second cousin, Jonathan (1722-1799) the son of Jonathan and Mary Bonham and grandson of Thomas and Elizabeth (Manni

107. - Oct 20, 2020
I came for the HP Eighty Series information but I see there's a lot more on offer on your website.

106. - Feb 25, 2020
I read several messages about the family name of Bal. I'm John Andries Bal, Jr. My father is John Sr. and his father is Andries Luttenberg are from Rotterdam, Holland. Am I connected to any of the Bals below?

105. - Jan 3, 2020
Do you ever respond to below questions

104. - Mar 26, 2018
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103. - Jun 29, 2015
I bought a William ball small trunk, on the inside was old camping dishes coffee cup, coffee pot, spoon, ice pick the inside of the box had compartments to hold all the dishes they were slots for the plates, a compartment for the cups, coffee pot ect. on the top of the box it said William bal corporation contract w669q.m. 5899 june 6, 1935 specification no. 28.1 Philadelphia o.m. depot does anyone know what all this means.

102. - Aug 22, 2013
I have a william bal industrial fibre co sample trunk. How in the world can I figure out what it's worth?

101. - Jan 9, 2013
i belong to the blackwell family of st mary's co maryland our family is from virginia seeking information on henderson blackwell

100. - Jun 23, 2012
I just got a BAL "Fibre Trunk" #34540-A at a yard sale. It is hard to find any info on these. I keep finding them in advertisements from back in the early 1900s in PDF but no real info. I'm thinking about polishing all the metal and rivets with my Dremel.

99. - May 8, 2012
I have two boxes, I believe they are trunks made by William Bal Corporation Newark NJ, New York NY. Any information will be greatly appreciated. There are two straps inside and a leather strap that sucures the trunk close. On the top they both read Uniform Service. - L4 S & L 5 S. Thank you!

98. - Apr 4, 2012
Would like to know if we have the same or close to DNA

97. - Feb 18, 2012
I have a similar trunk. Never thought much of the plate until I saw these posts because my grandparents had a neighbor named William Ball so I just assumed it was his despit there only being one 'l' in the last name on the trunk plate. If you've answers to the previous posts I'd be curious to know more. The plate is stamped: WILLIAM BAL; 2.21.13; SPEC. 1167; PHILA. DEPOT

96. - Jan 16, 2012
I have a trunk and am trying to find out who made it and when I read you also had bought one of these trunks Just wandered if you knew it' history "Bal Fibre fifty" from Newark New Jersey

95. - Jun 2, 2011
I bought a Bal Fibre-Fifty trunk at a yard sale today. It is a large wardrobe trunk that is in great condition. There is a luggage postage label on it from Newark Athletic Club, I am unable to make out who or what it is addressed to. If anyone has any information on this piece I would love to hear it!!

94. - Apr 12, 2011
i have a William Bal antique trunk with a brass tag on the front, leather straps on the side, and framed in metal and I was wondering how much it is worth? Our family is in need of money(I don't want to sell the trunk, but I need to try and help support my family right now)I've had the trunk about 10 yrs. Please let me know the price I could sell it for or if I should hold onto it and pass it down to my granddaughter! Your site is the only 1 I'm asking any info

93. - Mar 2, 2011
I also have a trunk as you describe only Spec 1198 Contract 6195 MCO Schedual No 12 131 Calvary. I am looking for info on this and keep hiting walls. Can you help? I would love to get a time fram for it and the owner. Thanks

92. MARY112864@COMCAST.NET - Jan 19, 2011

91. - Oct 28, 2010
Looking around for info on a Bal Fibrefifty trunk. Never really looked at the label before. Not sure of its history.

90. - Sep 30, 2010
I found a trunk tagged WILLIAM BAL Newark NJ PhilaDepot SPEC1198Contrabt 6-23-16 Obviously it is an antique in goodshape just wondering wat it might be worth ThankYou

89. - Sep 25, 2010
I have a large William Bal Company theatrical trunk for sale. Eric Bal

88. - Jun 13, 2010
Eric, I don't think I ever checked your website before, Bill V.

87. - Mar 5, 2010
Hello, cousin. Mickey Kranz (a/k/a Margaret Davis Kranz)

86. - Jan 10, 2010
Searching for link of Stephen C Blackwell, NJ and DE to Robert Blackwell NY

85. - Sep 28, 2009
I Found a box 6 IN high 4 IN across maybe 15 IN long. It has ORANGEBURG P-1183 on one part of the tool. Nothing on the out side of the box. Two holes where maybe there was a label. A red label inside with AEROFIBRE on it. What is this tool?

84. - Sep 6, 2009
Aloha Ohana! I searched Zelie Bal and found your page. She is my 6th generation great grandmother. I have some questions. Please contact me. Aloha

83. - Aug 30, 2009
My grandmother past away and we were going through her attic. I have found 5 different trunks one of them being a William Bal Co, Newark, NJ ACT NO HC 805 N OCT 71 New York Depot. I would love any information about this trunk. I do know my grandfather served in the Merchant Marines.

82. - Jul 8, 2009
I have a large trunk from Bal corp still in good condition. Does anyone know about how much they are worth?

81. - Jun 4, 2009
I just purchased a trunk from a local thrift shop. The plate reads William Bal, Newark NJ Spec 1198 Contract 6.23.16 Phila Depot. I am a big history buff, just would like to know its history. Thanks-Tammy Campbell

80. - May 24, 2009
Hi Eric and some family I have not seen since I was very small. My mother was Virginia Davis

79. - Mar 30, 2009
Hello, I hope you can help me .. I have a weird tool from William Bal corp and I can't for the life of me find out what it is.. It is in a metal box with the William Bal corp Newark sticker and the words Areofibre also a the words Orangeburg p1176 embossed on one of the three parts of this tool.. any ideas? thank you much

78. - Mar 29, 2009
Hi- picked up this William Bal Inc. metal flat top trunk at yard sale today. Inside of Trunk has Brass Tag which reads "BAL" Built Baggage Built with a Conscience WILLIAM BAL INC. MANUFACTURERS New York Newark I've tried to look it up on Internet only to find history of company, not of specific trunk. Can you help out with any info. It is brown colored, with riveted metal bands along seams & h

77. - Feb 25, 2009
Eric, I didn't know you had this website, Bill

76. - Jan 31, 2009
Jessica; When did your father own the William Bal Corp.? My father, Frank Woodhour and his partner, Ned Wilson owned the company in equal shares until my father's retirement around 1968. Are you one of the Wilson's grandchildren? My father started working at William Bal as a laborer and worked his way up to owning the company, with his partner. I spent a lot of time at both the Newark and Elizabeth locations. Would like to know if you are a part of the Wilson f

75. - Jan 7, 2009
I have been reading your posts regarding the Bal trunks. My father owned William Bal Corporation which was owned by my grandfather who purchased it from William Bal. The company started in 1989 and closed it's doors in 1992. I am always looking for one of the old trunks and haven't been able to find one. The company made several types of trunks, carring cases for military and medical equipment. They also molded plastic carrying cases for the airline parts,

74. - Dec 7, 2008
I have found a trunk in my mother's attic labeled: WILLIAM BAL NEWARK N.J SPEC 1198 CONTRACT 5-9-17 PHILA DEPOT and the lock is, Corbin Cabinet Lock Co No "C481". I'm just starting my search of it's history. What do you know? Candace Watson Holt, Michigan

73. - Nov 16, 2008
I've found a William Bal trunk also, but this one in Australia. It is marked (faintly - it appears to have been painted over) "H. CHAPMAN" and could easily be of military issue. Curious as to its history and travels over the decades... value not important. We cleaned it up and it is acting as a coffee table presently. It may also have stickers and stamps (all illegible) but one may have "Royal... Mail..." or words to that effect. It has plenty of knocks an

72. - Nov 16, 2008
Have my grandfather's WWI trunk. His name is on it. The stamp plate on top says: William Bal, Newark NJ, Spec 1198 Contract 5.9.17. The lock says: C470, Corbin Cabinet Lock, New Britain Conn. Anybody know anything about these trunks? This one is in great shape.

71. - Oct 31, 2008
the # on my trunk is 32744 I missed a 4

70. - Oct 31, 2008
i also have a trunk from BALwilliam trunk com. my#on the trunk is 3274 iam woundering the value and how old it is

69. - Oct 17, 2008
I also found a trunk made by William Bal Co., Newark, NJ. If anyone knows anything about this manufacturer, I would love to hear about it..of if you can tell me where the date stamp might be on the trunk...can't find it. Also anything on the worth of it. Thanks

68. - Sep 13, 2008
i also have an antique trunk with this label inside and am looking for additional information

67. - Sep 9, 2008
your web site is great thank you

66. - Jul 5, 2007
Hi Eric, In the Chicago greater area there are several Bal family members still alive and well.It was very inresting to read about the Gent from the U.K. Our family is from Poland.My Dad was Stanley my God-Father Joseph, Jean, Stella Helen and Louis have all now gone on before us. We do have many cousins and second cousins in CHI_Town.THanx for your site. B BAL

65. - Jan 28, 2007
Hi, not really sure what this web page is all about.. but I just came across a really old trunk, similar to what others have been describing. My trunk has what I believe is a name of a soldier on it, along with a really old "Corbin Cabinet Lock." Are these trunks worth anything? Are people looking for there families chests? Let me know something please..

64. - Oct 10, 2006
Just browsing the web and saw this. How are you guys. Just in case you dont remember me, I am Bob Greaker's youngest son. Ha, Ha I work in Manhatten and Live in Mineola Great to see we are on the web as a family.

63. - Apr 10, 2006
I also found a trunk in my mom's basement made by William Bal Co., Newark, NJ. If anyone knows anything about this manufacturer, I would love to hear about it..of if you can tell me where the date stamp might be on the trunk...can't find it. Thanks

62. - Apr 8, 2006
I too have a trunk made by William Bal Co., Newark NJ my trunk had the name of Col. T. M. Wortham 111th F.A It also has spec 098 contract 4-25-17 Phila. Depot. If anyone can tell me the age of the trunk or whom it belong too, I would appreciate it. I purchased it at a yard sale.

61. - Mar 6, 2006
Like #59, I too have a trunk made by William Bal Trunk Co, Newark, NJ. If anyone has info on it, age, worth, etc, would love to hear back from you.

60. - Oct 10, 2005
Like # 56, I could be a cousin....there were Bals in my family - and I am from the Hawaiian islands.

59. - Sep 14, 2005
Found an old trunk today labelrd william bal newark n.j. spfc 1198 contract 5-9-17 phila. depot Just wondering if you might have any info on this trunk. If you wouldn't mind writing back i would appreciate it. chas

58. - Aug 26, 2005
Hello, I'm your second cousin a million times removed. (Allison's brother.) Enjoyed you're site. I live in Queens, NY, close to my ancestors haunts,ie. Newtown. Jim Davis

57. - Aug 17, 2005
Hi, Eric. My name is Karen Moore and Lionel Bal, married to Irene Fullmer, is part of my family line. I see a message from Ron Bal below, but his email address no longer works. Is Ron still around? I'd like to get in touch with him. Thanks!

56. - Aug 8, 2005
Hi Eric! I got your website address from the geneology website. My name is Emily Lopez and I am a 5th or 6th generation Bal. My 5th or 6th great grandmother is Zelie Bal Pa. My grandmother carries the name Zelie. I was told by family that only this family carries that name here in the Hawaiian Islands. Well I hope we could chat more. Have a nice day.

55. - Jun 13, 2005
We met at a Blackwell family reunion on Blackwell's Island. Our research goes on. Robert L. Blackwell (Rev)

54. - May 12, 2005
I have a trunk made by William Bal Co.Oct 17,1930. Contract #w669 0m,40zr Spec 23ed-794 Philadelphia OM DePot. Is this trunk worth anything? Ray Don Johnson

53. - Mar 31, 2005
I am trying to locate a William Bal of Elizabeth, New Jersey that manufactures fiberboard containers. Can you help? Thanx

52. - Mar 20, 2005
Eric, Had a great time last night, thank's. Looking foward to doing it again. Ken & Marie

51. - Mar 15, 2005
Hi Eric, Just keeping in touch. Received some pictures of the reunion and it looked like everyone really had a good time. Unfortunately I had unexpected surgery and could not make it but I hope to be at the next one. Thanks for this great reunion site. Cathy

50. - Dec 28, 2004
Eric, You did a great job with this reunion site. The pictures of HFH and all the information was great - I really enjoyed it! Thanks for doing so much for us. Hope to be healthy enough to go to the next reunion. Hope some of the classmates enjoyed the poster's with the snaps I sent. Did you hear any comments? Cathy

49. - Oct 13, 2004
Hello Eric. Would you have any information about the William Bal Trunk Co. I have a trunk and I can not find any information. Thank you

48. - Apr 21, 2004
Hi Eric...nice web site. I used to live on the old soccer field grounds of Scheutzen Park for 15 years until 5 years ago. I put "today" pictures on the HFHS site if you want to lift them and put on your site. See you in Oct!

47. - Mar 17, 2004
Eric: You did a great job on the web site for the HFH reunion. I am sure this will be a boost to the sale of tickets. Ann Finkel Paras '48

46. - Jan 2, 2004
Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to view your site. I am a cousin of your friend Martin Scharloo lll. Its been fun checking out and comparing the family trees...they seem to agree! Thanks again, Best wishes from the Redwood forest of N.Calif,near Redwood Nat'l Park. Happy New Year.Bruce M. Smith, Bayside, CA.

45. FitzRandolphGenealogy@adelphia.n - Oct 13, 2003
Am looking for information on John Martin Fitz randolph

44. - Oct 8, 2003
update of e-mail address re posting #35 in this guestbook

43. - Sep 17, 2003
Hi Eric, I am Elizabeth Ogden, nee Davis, you cousin in Texas. Edwin Graves Davis grandfather, Abram Ballard Davis great-grandfather. Your website was sent to me by Aunt Allison Greaker nee Davis. I am enjoying your website, and appreciate all your effort and hard work. Thanks for a great job. Elizabeth

42. - Sep 4, 2003
Hi everyone. I can't believe I never signed the guestbook before. Anyway, I am interested in Bal family genealogy too. This site is a wonderful resource. Great job Eric!

41. - Aug 31, 2003
Hi everybody! This guestbook has not worked for essentially about two years, but it now fully operational again. Leave a message. Let me know you've been here!

40. - Sep 16, 2002
Who is the guy in the photo?

39. - Aug 11, 2002
Hi everyobdy! This guestbook has not been working for about a year, but now its up and running again, is easier to use, and is actually being delivered to you on a web server running right off my own computer! Leave a message and let me know you were here. Eric

38. - Jul 12, 2001
Eric, Hi I am Nancy Bolacker and really enjoyed the walk down memory lane your site provided. It was actually my brother-in-law who sent it my way. He was doing some research related to the "Bolacker" name and landed at your site and there I was in all my High School "glory!?!" Time sure does fly, I can hardly believe it's 30 odd years ago. I hope all is well with you and thanks again. Nancy

37. - Jun 27, 2001
Hi- I was sorry to hear about Dottie. Sorry that I could not get to the funeral. I tried to get into the database for Abram, but I could not get in. I'll try later. Regards, Allison

36. - Jun 22, 2001
Nice site! Am pleased to read that the --Bal-- who moved to the USA long time ago, are prospering! From: Jean-Pierre Bal, Belgium (Europe)

35. - Mar 14, 2001
Eric: I viewed the photos from the Reunion 2000. They are great! A wonderful rememberance! Ann Finkel Paras '48

34. - Feb 16, 2001
Hi, Eric. Nice of you to offer your place for us cousins. Some of us are thinking of meeting in central PA in the spring to chase down some ancestors (who do seem to to a lively group! It will probably be in April or May. Dan, Casey, Kenlyn, and I are contemplating our navels. It's not too hard for them to get to PA- but I'm in Tucson, AZ and have to plan pretty far ahead to go east. Let me know if this appeals to you. Thanks. Cousin Sandy Oh- my other e

33. - Jan 30, 2001
Greetings, and thanks so much for the site. Michael Aliamus

32. - Jan 15, 2001
Hi Erick: Enjoyed the photos from the Reunion Oct 7 2000. Will come back to see more of them! Ann Finkel Paras class of '48 Co-Chair Reunion Committee 2000

31. - Dec 11, 2000
geneaology is interesting. I'm trying to trace my ancestry. My father (died 1992) was from Poland...Franek Julian Bal.. My name is Marek Gerard Bal.....Merseyside, United Kingdom.

30. - Dec 3, 2000
Im Nancy Eulalia Wyche. the daughter of J.R.& Aurelia Davis>>.J.R. is the son of John Rusell & Stella May Davis. Stella Is the daughter of Hugh L.& Cynthia E. Smith. Aurelia Is the daughter of John Walter & Zulla May Stubblefield. at on time they all lived in small country towns. The Smiths & Davis's at Holder TX. Brown county.

29. - Nov 2, 2000
Eric, e-mail me, it's Mary Ellen

28. dorjeff - Oct 22, 2000
Hi, Eric! I'm related to you by our fathers...Edwin Graves Davis, Jr. (mine) & Edwin George Bal (yours) who were first cousins. I'm Mickey Davis Kranz's younger sister...she and I have recently emailed you when she discovered that we are second cousins. I sent you an email and look forward to answering any questions you may have for me re: marriages, births, deaths of the family to make your website and geneology info more complete. Looking forward to it! D

27. - Oct 8, 2000
Eric, I checked out your HF site. I didn't hear any music. What do I need to do??? Let me know if you put the new photos up. It was nice seeing you. Corine

26. - Sep 16, 2000
Thanks, Eric for doing all of the work to put this together. The music adds to the karma. Mickey Kranz

25. - Jun 28, 200k
Hi Erick, I was fascinated with the amount of information you have on the Blackwell family. I'm trying to connect to one of the "three brothers from Oxford." We think we are descended through Joseph Blackwell that settled in Virginia. Thank you for all the information. Sincerely, Fran from California

24. - Jun 22, 2000
Inherited alot of measurement systems, one including the hp85! Found the neccesary information to start solving troubles... Thanks alot

23. - Jun 21, 2000
Hi Eric, Great web site, but my children are missing from it. Allison Hope Greaker B.x/xx/xx-Brooklyn NY Richard Nixon Greaker B.x/xx/xx-Brooklyn NY

22. - Apr 8, 2000
Eric, Ran on your site today, I have an old trunk (military) I believe. I got possesion of it in Hayward Wis. aprox. 30 years ago. Here's my plight. on a small gold embossed stamp on the truck it has "William Bal, Newark, NJ Contract H 4-25-17 Phila Depot". Any chance this may be part of you lineage? Not really into this geneology stuff but would like to find the family it belongs to.

21. - Apr 6, 2000
I am trying to get in touch with my counsin Angela Low by e-mail she lives in Tuakau but the e-mail name she gave me was incorrect. Can you help me find the correct e-mail name she has a chicken farm with her husband Alan. Many Thanks Hazel Finbow

20. - Mar 27, 2000
My name is Ronald Irving Bal, father = Eugene, Grandfather= Lionel. I was born in Riverside NJ in 1947. With such an unusual family name, we must be distantly related. However, in tracing your family tree, I can't find the connection.

19. - Mar 17, 2000
Eric I started using an hp87xm after retiring as a civil engineer about 20 years ago and wrote a number of programs for it related to prospecting for gold. Just recently I reactivated my old system which included a separate twin floppy drive, separate printer and plotter and was able to get everything operating as it had except it no longer recognizes channel 7 of the HP IL interface so I have to power up the other units before the HP 87XM and then it works o

18. - Mar 17, 2000
Eric, enjoyed the web site. Didn't know that there was a 25th reunion. Guess you miss a lot moving around. Hope to see you in October..

17. - Feb 26, 2000
Eric, I enjoyed the site. My name is Lourdes Taracido Knepler, 1967 graduate of Holy Family. The yearbook is great. Tell me about the class reunion this year. Have not heard anything about it.

16. - Feb 16, 2000
Looking at the HP85 information. Thank you for having it available!

15. - Feb 14, 2000
Hi cousin Eric. I sent you an email, but wanted to tell you your website is fascinating. Love Your cousin Betty (Bal) Cruz

14. - Feb 12, 2000
Greetings to all HP-Series-80ers, Blackwellians, Holy-Familyites, Genealogy-Hounds, and all other cyberspace Souls who have ventured to this outpost in cybersapce! Eric

13. - ,
Eric: This is a fantastic site! I enjoyed seeing my sister Joanne Finkel and some of the classmates she has spoken of. Can't wait for the whole school reunion October 7th, 2000. Co-chair of the Reunion Committee. Ann Finkel Paras '48

12. - ,
Dear Eric I love your website and wish we were able to do this with all the alumni that are attending, but it is a huge job. I have copied photos of those I know are attending however.Thanks for your hard work. Lee Moorshead co-chair reunion 2000

11. - ,
I became interested in Blackwell's Island history a few months ago and was directed to your site by a search engine. Thanks for the great photo of the Almshouse and the map.

10. - ,
Born in North Hudson Hospital and St. Augustine. St. Michaels left for Ca 1956 to finish high school there. My family long time Hudson co. folks....Dad frank was quite well known in the area... enjoy looking at your site and listening to music

9. - ,
Eric, looking at the web site a lot of memories flash through my mind and its great to have memories. Gary

8. - ,
Great site! Visit mine and see how you can find out anything about anyone!

7. - ,
Thanks for the important information found on your site ! Without this, I'm sure that my HP85 would have been for the garbage can ! Now I can have fun with it !

6. - ,
Thanks for sharing.

5. - ,
Impressive all around job!! ART

4. - ,
hi ERIC: Thanks for the web site, I like it although lavender is not my style. Something something soft and neutral would suit me fine. dI didn't get the picture howver. And, when I put any word in tosearch , all I get is a window that says HTTP/1.0501 not supported. It did the same the other day. Thanks for all your trouble. Rita

3. - ,
Hi Eric: Just went to your website. Quite impressive! Now I'll explore it. (Haven't tried the floppy yet. Rita

2. - ,
Ricky, Great picture, love the music and especially, a GREAT JOB!!!

1. - ,
Hi. This guestbook is new. If you have wandered to my website out here in cyberspace, then kindly enter a message in this guestbook, to let me know you were here. Don't forget to also enter your email address. Eric